1. The purpose of the Legal Notice. The Legal Notice regulates the conditions, the access and the use of the Portal, its contents and services, which have been provided to the users.
  2. Acceptance of the Conditions of the Legal Notice.
    The mere access and/or use of the Portal, or of a part or whole of its contents and services, confers the title of “user” and constitutes the full adhesion, and without any reservations, to the Conditions of the Legal Notice as found in the current published version, as from the moment in which the user accesses these. Simply by visiting the web pages of the Portal, the conditions are considered to have been accepted.
    The user declares that he/she is over 18 and has the legal capacity to accept and abide by the conditions of the Legal Notice found herein.
  3. Contents and services provided through the Portal.
    FUNDACIÓN TAU reserves the right to modify, expand upon or cancel, at any time, and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Portal, along with the contents and services it contains.
  4. The Responsibility for the access and use of the contents and services found in FUNDACIÓN TAU
    Both the access to the Portal, and the use that may be made of this by the user, is the exclusive responsibility of the user. Therefore, the user accepts full responsibility for the consequences and damages that may originate from the use of the services offered by FUNDACIÓN TAU.
    FUNDACIÓN TAU will use all the resources at their disposal to provide the user with a good service through their website.
    The user will abstain from producing, by any means, any destruction, alterations or damage to the FUNDACIÓN TAU data, as well as their programmes or electronic documents, and will not introduce or spread throughout the Internet any programmes, viruses or any physical or electronic instruments that may cause or be susceptible to causing any type of interference in the Net, the system, or FUNDACIÓN TAU equipment or that of third parties. It is strongly forbidden to carry out any activity or practice that goes beyond the principles of good conduct generally accepted among Internet users.
    FUNDACIÓN TAU does not guarantee the privacy and security of the web page, and takes no responsibility for any intervention from non-authorised third parties, or for the appearance of any virus and similar features in your system or computer hardware.
  5. Intellectual and industrial property rights.
    The contents, software, images, sounds, text and photographs of FUNDACIÓN TAU found in the website are protected by the Spanish Legal Royal Decree 1/1996, of the Intellectual Property Law. The contents are specially protected, according to Art. 12 of the aforementioned Royal Decree, as well as the collection of data. Any reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation of this property is strictly forbidden, except with the written authorisation of FUNDACIÓN TAU.
    Any non-authorised use of this intellectual property by third parties will result in the pertinent legal and/or civil actions being taken.
  6. The protection of personal data.
    FUNDACIÓN TAU will be responsible for the personal databases.
  7. Communications.
    TAU FUNDAZIOA is allowed to send the user its Communications either by e-mail or land mail; likewise, the users will be able to direct their Communications to the website by land mail to FUNDACIÓN TAU Ategorreita avenue 23 1 right 20013 San Sebastian (Navarra-España). Or by telephone 0034 943 28 99 56.

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